Aaron + Keri + their 3 beautiful boys.

For over 15 years A + K have been on a path of consciously sourcing and creating inner freedom.  They have learnt this through the polarity of life, the ups and downs, the yin and yang, the dark and light.

Peaceful Uprising was then collectively created.

Aaron has an array of modalities under his belt which you can find more about on the services page, he has written a book, and facilitates the WORKSHOPS + TREATMENTS + RETREATS.  

Keri has an overwhelming love for flowers, crystals, seeds, music, beautiful food and all things with a high vibing source, she brings that into the workshops alongside Aaron.  She runs the everyday running of business, so if you email, message or contact Peaceful Uprising it will most likely be her that you are in contact with.  

The main aim of Peaceful Uprising whether it is a treatment, workshop or tools brought from the website is to assist people feeling more uplifted, more joy and more contentment.  They want you to feel more empowered by teaching you tools that you can do yourself, so you can self heal, feel more love internally and then be able to spread that love out into the world.  We all create ripples.  What is the ripple you are putting out into the world and beyond? 

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy - RUMI

On this website you will find:

WORKSHOP information for Schools - Corporate - Personal

TREATMENTS that you can book for your Mind - Body - Soul

TOOLS for Elevating - Cleansing - Awareness

LIVING WITH LIFE - Back to Basics

Often the busyness and stresses of our modern-day existence can ruffle our feathers, leaving us with a sense of unease.  We are left in a state of flux; always chasing, always moving.

Living with Life outlines simple, yet powerful techniques and tools that, once implemented, birth the empowerment and self-worth needed to be able to step out of everyday dramas.  We leave the hustle an bustle and step into allowance and acceptance.

This, in turn, creates a more harmonious environment for our peers and ultimately ourselves!