Suitable for all sizes of groups 1 - 1000s.



Facilitated by Aaron:

My aim is to share information to help/allow empowerment and build people’s self worth and self esteem.  

Amazing for your own self growth but also for groups that are together all the time like workplaces and schools.

All the information shared I use on a regular basis to help stay centred, and not let the daily stresses build up to over take our wellbeing.

This has all come about from 13+ years of Research and Self Development of my own.  

I have been presenting Workshops in this manner off and on for the last 8+ years.


Here is some of the subjects covered in the Workshops.

- I am a Louise Hay Workshop Presenter. Louise has now passed but the last time I looked over 50 million copies of her book 'You Can Heal Your Life” had been sold.

- Some of Louises teachings are incorporated.

- Bruce Lipton is carving massive pathways about thoughts and emotions and how they can alter our existence.

- Personal experiences are shared.

- Utilisation of the breath is explained.  About bringing us into the present moment into our conscious mind.

 - A mind clearing exercise is shared to help allow the releasing of any conflicts of emotions stored in the body.  This to can help reset our body and is very effective in helping move forward from any conflicts that may arise.

 - Self worth is incorporated and the importance of self belief this ties in with Bruce Liptons work in how we can charge our cells using the correct emotions .  This is backed up by the Heart Math studies where we can charge our immune system with the correct emotions and we can also weaken it with negative emotions.

This is a quick break down of some of the WORKSHOPS content. 


It is my passion to share these tools, to allow people to be able to achieve the best they can be and not be fearful of their greatness as well as to allow this to continuously grow instead of a closed off 'can’t be done' mentality.


This WORKSHOP can be scaled up or down depending on ages involved.

I am also adaptable to add in any extra information and practices with helping any specific areas that you would like to focus on.