If I was ever to say I was addicted to anything it would have to be to the energetic buzz that is present whenever giving or receiving a Healing / Energy Session.

The great thing about these treatments is that our mind and ego are taken out of the equation, space is held the breath is focused upon and the rest has a somewhat majestic feeling.

This is the modalities I have on offer:

Reiki (more info on Reiki here)
Dorn Method (more info on Dorn here)
Bowen Therapy (more info on Bowen here)
Singing Bowl Massage (more info on Singing Bowl Massage here)
Bruess Massage (more info on Bruess here)
Munay Ki Rites (more info on Munay Ki Rites here)

There is more information on each in the Blog Posts down the bottom of the Website.

As these treatments and the energy in the space vary on so many different levels we never really know what we are going to get. One thing we do know -  it is always for our higher good and from the purest intent possible.I have a mixture on offer, whether it is a Reiki session, a Dorn Method session with Bruess massage, maybe a Tibetan singing bowl sound massage  - as well as having previous experience in Bowen therapy and ascended master ray downloads, a tailor-made session is available to help reset our body back to a homeostasis state (state of balance).

The process of booking in with Aaron is to call him on 02108188019 if he doesn't answer, you can leave a message and he will ring back.  You can let him know what is going on, sometimes we just want an overall balance.  From there he will discuss what he thinks would suit best for your situation and then you can book a time when you're ready.

Sessions vary in price.  Aaron will confirm price when he speaks with you.

 Peaceful Uprising is a representation of everything that nurtures our internal essence, fuels the fire of passion for life and allows understanding of what is.

We believe we are here on earth to grow with life and the experiences we encounter, while using the emotion of love as a foundation to work off.We are all energy, science is providing more substance for this more now than ever before. 

With the knowing that we are a community of vibrating energetic cells comes the understanding of what can serve us for our greater good and what can stagnate us or hold us back.